Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has boomed considerably in the past few years. Earlier, marketing on the Internet was considered as an additional advertising method by brands. Today, digital marketing has become the ‘go-to’ marketing platform with clients pumping in more budgets in this advertising avenue. Digital marketing is the ideal advertising solution to help your brand earn revenue and generate a high ROI. We, at LogiPrism, are here to provide you with complete assistance in all your digital marketing endeavors.

Today, with various digital marketing innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain Technology, digital marketing surely has a bright future in India, and we endorse this reality. We believe in embracing technological developments by executing and managing high-budget digital marketing campaigns for our esteemed clients. Be it providing quality leads through Facebook ads or Google ads, or garnering eyeballs by making your brand visible on third-party websites, we do it all, and achieve over and above the desire results with calmness and ease.

Key offering in Digital Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

We, at LogiPrism, understand that mind-mapping is a crucial factor involved in the successful execution of any digital marketing campaign. While creating a digital media plan, we give primary importance to your target audience and recommend a major portion of the budget for advertising on the websites wherein your target audience will be more active. For instance, if yours is a youth-centric brand, we connect with the Sales Heads of websites such as ScoopWhoop and BuzzFeed, negotiate with them on their quotation to come at a competitive rate, and ensure that your brand’s advertisement is published on such websites and mobile apps. This helps your brand to gain more traction, which would result in a higher ROI.

Content Creation

We, at LogiPrism, believe that content is the soul of all digital marketing activities. Superior-quality content creates a strong foundation for a path-breaking digital marketing campaign. We deep-dive into the client brief, understand your requirements thoroughly, analyze these as a team, and create content that makes a statement. Be it corporate website content for your organization, press releases and guest blogs for promotional purposes, or catchy social media content, we do everything with precision and perfection, keeping the brand’s tonality in mind. We feel that good content will never go out of style. This ideology makes us the trendsetter when it comes to creating top-quality content, as we focus on enhancing our content creation capabilities and being on top of our game at all times!

Social Media

We ideate. We brainstorm. We create.

Brands have been moving towards social media to connect with their loyal followers to increase their goodwill. They also aim at earning more revenue and credibility through social media. Today, brands have understood that social media is a double-edged sword wherein unhappy customers can bring their grievances out there. However, brands have embraced this challenge by solving customers’ problems through social media platforms, as doing this make them more trustworthy. Brands have even become quite strategic in their social media approach, and we, at LogiPrism, are here to provide you with complete guidance with the same.  Be it create engaging social media content with compelling visuals or running an effective ‘influencer marketing’ campaign to make it your brand the talking point on social media, we offer complete support.

Multimedia Content

Today, multimedia content such as videos, infographics, and GIFs have become quite popular, as the number of people engaging with visual content is increasing by the day. We, at LogiPrism, understand this paradigm shift wherein multimedia content is gaining more preference over text content. We know that multimedia content is ‘the need of the hour’ for brands to stand out and breakthrough from the clutter, and we are here to fulfil these requirements with enthusiasm and exuberance.

Creative Designing

Design is the hero of all digital marketing initiatives. Be it creative eye-striking social media posts or attractive banners for digital advertisements on websites or mobile apps, we provide you with the finest quality of graphics that are a class apart. 

Web Publishing

Wish to make your brand heard and talked about on digital platforms? You can reach out to us and we can support you in publishing and promoting content or updates about your brand on our in-house publisher platforms. These platforms include:

  • Tech Arena

When a hobby transformed into a productive passion, Tech Arena was created in 2004. It was established by Sandeep Khetan, our Managing Director, and was a result of his craze for tech-related products. Tech Arena was a humble initiative, which later boomed into a leading website that reviews products of noted tech brands. Be it attending your product launch, doing a special feature on your product, or reviewing and recommending your product, you can feel free to contact us at any time!

  • India Sisters

Women love to gossip about anything and everything! If yours is a food, beauty, fashion, or hygiene-related brand targeting women, do not hesitate in contacting Indian Sisters, and take your brand to the next level.